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Jumat, 23 Januari 2015

Download Total Domination - Reborn 3.9.2 Apk Full

Download Total Domination - Reborn 3.9.2 Apk Full, Begin y0ur quest f0r Total Domination! TD: Reb0rn is 0ne 0f the h0ttest MM0 strategy games available f0r Andr0id!

Total Domination - Reborn : Reb0rn thr0ws y0u straight int0 the desert warfare acti0n. It's up t0 y0u t0 raise an army str0ng en0ugh f0r PVE c0mbat! Build y0ur defenses and c0mmand a f0rce mighty en0ugh t0 d0minate in PVP warfare! J0in the MM0 universe and d0wnl0ad Total Domination™: Reb0rn t0day! F0r the first time, the p0pular Total Domination™ franchise has been extended t0 Andr0id as a standal0ne epic adventure, featuring all new gr0undbreaking graphics and gameplay.

Total Domination - Reborn : Reborn delivers a wh0le new adventure, 0ptimized f0r Andr0id devices; it's an 0nline game and requires a netw0rk c0nnecti0n t0 play.

★★★★★ "TD isn't just a game, it's an addicti0n!"
★★★★★ "The greatest war simulati0n game, fact."
★★★★★ "The interface is slick and sm00th. The weap0ns are with0ut a d0ubt super-c00l, and will literally bl0w y0u away!"

PLEASE N0TE! TD: Reborn is c0mpletely free t0 play, h0wever s0me game items can als0 be purchased f0r real m0ney. If y0u d0 n0t want t0 use this feature, please set up passw0rd pr0tecti0n f0r purchases in the settings 0f y0ur G00gle Play St0re app. Als0, under 0ur Terms 0f Service and Privacy P0licy, y0u must be at least 13 years 0f age t0 play 0r d0wnl0ad TD: Reb0rn.

Total Domination - Reborn 3.9.2 FEATURES
✔ English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and P0rtuguese are supp0rted.
✔ F0rm p0werful alliances with friends and bec0me leading clans.
✔ 0ver 30 p0werful Infantry, Arm0r C0rps, Artillery & Air F0rce units.
✔ Earn b0nus rewards just f0r c0mmanding y0ur tr00ps each day.
✔ Defend y0ur sect0r fr0m invasi0ns.
✔ Plan strategies acc0rding t0 y0ur game style – d0 it al0ne 0r f0rm alliances and clans with 0ther sect0rs.
✔ Participate in Gl0bal Missi0ns and save the p0st-ap0calyptic w0rld fr0m further destructi0n!

N0TE! This game d0es n0t c0nnect t0 y0ur existing web c0l0ny.
Total Domination™: Reb0rn is a standal0ne m0bile game c0mpletely independent fr0m the web versi0n.

Supp0rt: https://plarium.helpshift.c0m/a/t0tal-d0minati0n-reb0rn/?l=en
Privacy P0licy: http://plarium.c0m/#/d0c/p0licy/
Terms 0f Use: http://plarium.c0m/#/d0c/terms/

Total Domination - Reborn 3.9.2 walpaper
Download Total Domination™ 3.9.2 Apk Full 1

Download Total Domination™ 3.9.2 Apk Full 2

Download Total Domination™ 3.9.2 Apk Full 3

Download Total Domination™ 3.9.2 Apk Full 4
Download Total Domination - Reborn 3.9.2 Apk Full
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Download SLINGSHOT BRAVES 1.1.18 Apk Full

Download SLINGSHOT BRAVES 1.1.18 Apk Full
Download SLINGSHOT BRAVES 1.1.18 Apk Full, ★☆Slingshot Braves was ch0sen as the Best Game 0f 2014 0n G00gle Play™☆★
Start y0ur adventure n0w! Play this new fantasy RPG t0gether with y0ur friends!
Passi0n and c0urage fl0wing right 0ut 0f y0ur fingertips.
Adventurers! Aim f0r the Twin T0wers stretching t0 infinity, and battle 0nwards t0 y0ur heart's c0ntent!

Slingshot Braves is an immersive fantasy RPG that lets y0u bec0me an adventurer in search 0f the legendary dem0n-slaying Slingshot.

Slingshot Braves Highlights>

■Amazing excitement! Pull y0ur characters back and let them fly
Aim f0r the 0pp0nent, pull y0ur character, and fire them 0ff. Predict their m0vements and strike a p0werful bl0w!
■Pursue y0ur strategy! A game f0r pe0ple wh0 truly l0ve games!
The characters will b0unce 0ff allies and walls, s0 use this t0 y0ur advantage t0 make p0werful c0mb0s. C0mbine y0ur c0mb0s t0 deliver massive damage! Keep playing and y0u'll be a pr0 in n0 time!
■Play t0gether with y0ur friends! Multiplayer Battles are intense!
Thanks t0 the marvel 0f the interwebs, y0u can enj0y exciting real-time battles with 0ther users! Team up with y0ur friends t0 challenge str0ng 0pp0nents and get rare items!
■C0llect materials and create indestructable weap0ns and arm0rs!
There are 0ver 200 different items at y0ur disp0sal t0 upgrade y0ur character! Get y0ur hands 0n rare materials t0 upgrade and ev0lve y0ur weap0ns and arm0r! Create a str0ng arm0r that 0nly y0u p0ssess, and c0ntinue y0ur adventure with an advantage!!
■A classic-styled 0nline RPG game thathas b0thfull 3D battles and a real-time c0nnecti0n
■C0ntr0ls are simple!Y0u just need 0ne finger!It's perfect f0r pe0ple wh0 want t0 have s0me light fun, even 0n the g0!
■The realistic field that sh0ws exciting battle acti0n in full 3D makes the game even m0re immersive!
■Y0u can play h0lding y0ur display vertically 0r h0riz0ntally!Just h0ld it as y0u like!


Enter a w0rld 0f acti0n RPG like y0u've never seen bef0re! Enter the w0rld 0f Slingshot Braves, use y0ur strength t0 s0lve the mysteries 0f the land and its inhabitants, defeat the dem0ns, and be the m0st p0werful hunter!


<H0w t0 Play Slingshot Braves
① Download the app! The download is free, y0u d0n't have t0 register, and c0ntr0ls are simple!
② Cust0mize y0ur Characters and Weap0ns and get started 0n an adventure!
③ After a little practice y0u can play「multiplayer battles」and defeat 0pp0nents t0gether with y0ur friends!
■In Slingshot Braves y0u can play real-time with s0me0ne right next t0 y0u 0r users acr0ss the c0untry and have fun t0gether!
■Y0u and y0ur partner each select 2 characters, s0 y0u fight with a t0tal 0f 4 characters!
■There are rare items y0u can 0nly get in Multiplayer M0de!
④ Upgrade y0ur arm0r and weap0ns and make y0ur characters even str0nger!
■Ch00se y0ur basic arm0r and c0llect the items y0u need t0 upgrade!
■When upgrading, use y0ur finger t0 shake the materials in a b0ttle in 0rder t0 increase y0ur chances f0r an upgrade b0nus! Y0ur Equipment EXP and Levels will raise even faster!
■Unnecessary arm0r and weap0ns can be dismantled and used as material t0 upgrade 0ther equipment!
**Google Play is a trademark 0f Google Inc.

SLINGSHOT BRAVES 1.1.18 Video Trailer

 SLINGSHOT BRAVES 1.1.18 walpaper
Download SLINGSHOT BRAVES 1.1.18 Apk Full 1

Download SLINGSHOT BRAVES 1.1.18 Apk Full 2

Download SLINGSHOT BRAVES 1.1.18 Apk Full 3

Download SLINGSHOT BRAVES 1.1.18 Apk Full

Kamis, 22 Januari 2015

Download Star Wars: Commander 2.3.5 APK Full

 Download Star Wars: Commander 2.3.5 APK Full 4
Download Star Wars: Commander 2.3.5 APK Full, Charge int0 battle 0n distant planets, and lead y0ur tr00ps t0 vict0ry in this acti0n-packed, c0mbat strategy game! Build a base, recruit an unst0ppable f0rce, and challenge players acr0ss the Star Wars universe in Star Wars™: C0mmander!

During a time 0f Galactic Civil War, c0mpeting f0rces need allies f0r their cause. The Rebelli0n rallies f0r justice and freed0m, while the Empire seeks c0ntr0l 0f the galaxy. Where d0es y0ur allegiance lie? Will y0u side with the Empire’s strength and relentlessness, 0r the Rebelli0n’s her0ism and res0urcefulness? The ch0ice is y0urs!

Rise thr0ugh the ranks as a p0werful battlefield c0mmander in this exciting game 0f strategy and c0mpetitive galactic c0mbat!

Star Wars: Commander 2.3.5 Features:
• Ch00se y0ur side: Will y0u c0mmand AT-ATs and TIE Fighters as the Empire? 0r call 0n ic0nic her0es like Han S0l0 and Princess Leia as the Rebelli0n?
• Build and defend y0ur base: Train unique tr00ps specific t0 each facti0n, and f0rtify y0ur base with deflect0r shields, turrets, heavy artillery, and 0ther defenses!
• Lead epic battles: Strategically depl0y p0werful armies, units, and vehicles against enemies and players ar0und the galaxy!
• F0rm the ultimate Squad: Build str0ng alliances with friends and 0ther players!
• Travel t0 multiple planets and c0mplete special missi0ns: Play an all-new st0ry as a valiant leader 0n the fr0nt lines 0f the Galactic Civil War.
• Upgrade y0ur strike team and its defenses: Strengthen y0ur f0rces with multiple levels 0f upgrades f0r each unit!
• D0wnl0ad n0w and play in y0ur ch0ice 0f English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, K0rean, P0rtuguese, and Spanish!

Invade enemy territ0ry and establish an impenetrable base as y0u j0in the battle f0r d0minance!

Star Wars: Commander requires Andr0id 0S 2.3.3 0r ab0ve and supp0rts b0th tablets and ph0nes.

Bef0re y0u download this experience, please c0nsider that this app c0ntains s0cial media links t0 c0nnect with 0thers, in-app purchases that c0st real m0ney, push n0tificati0ns t0 let y0u kn0w when we have exciting updates like new c0ntent, as well as advertising f0r The Walt Disney Family 0f C0mpanies and s0me third parties. In app purchases available fr0m $1.99-$99.99. We respect y0ur wishes regarding y0ur Privacy. Y0u can exercise c0ntr0l and ch0ice by resetting y0ur Advertising Identifier in y0ur device’s Privacy Settings.

Privacy P0licy -
Terms 0f Use -

Disclaimer: Star Wars: Commander is the property and trademark from the developer Disney. Charge into battle on distant planets, and lead your troops to victory in this action-packed, combat strategy game! Build a base, recruit an unstoppable force, and challenge players across the Star Wa ... Use the APK file to install the app manually onto your Android.

 Star Wars: Commander 2.3.5 Walpaper

 Download Star Wars: Commander 2.3.5 APK Full 1

 Download Star Wars: Commander 2.3.5 APK Full 2

 Download Star Wars: Commander 2.3.5 APK Full 3
  Download Star Wars: Commander 2.3.5 APK Full

Download Defender II 1.4.0 APK Full

Download Defender II 1.4.0 APK Full, Defender II, the ultimate t0wer defense is c0ming with many new features!
Waves 0f m0nsters are attacking y0ur castle. They m0ve fast, strike hard, and never give up. H0wever, Defender is m0re p0werful than ever bef0re! What's m0re, Lava m0at, Magic T0wers will fight t0gether with Defender!

H0w t0 play
Defender II ?

# T0uch screen t0 sh00t arr0ws.
# Drag and dr0p spell ic0n t0 cast a spell.
# Lava M0at: Burns enemies when they dr0p int0 lava m0at.
# Magic T0wer: Pr0vide MANA f0r spells. Als0 attacks enemie magically.
# City Wall: Upgrade city wall t0 increase health p0int.
# Mana: Mana is required t0 cast a spell.
# Strength: Increase the damange 0f a arr0w.
# Agility: Increase sh00ting frequency.
# Weap0n: Select and equip pr0per b0w t0 defend.
# P0wer sh0t: Repel m0nsters.
# Fatal Bl0w: D0uble damange with certain p0ssibility.
Defender II Game m0de
# L0cal m0de: Defeat waves 0f m0nsters.
# Battle m0de: C0mpete with 0pp0nent - The 0ne stays L0NGER is the WINNER!

Watch 0ut, intruders will be str0nger and str0nger. New B0SSES will c0me 0ut as stage g0es. Be the her0, and win the H0N0RS!

Any suggesti0n/feedback is welc0me!

Dr0idhen is the name behind Defender, Defender II, Din0saur War, Miracle City, Basketball Sh0t, DH Texas P0ker, Gun 0f Gl0ry and many 0ther t0p p0pular games. Dr0idhen is als0 marked as t0p devel0per by g00gle.

DISCLAIMER: Defender II is the property and trademark from the developer DroidHen, All rights reserved by DroidHen.

Defender II Walpaper

Download Defender II 1.4.0 APK Full 1

Download Defender II 1.4.0 APK Full 2

Download Defender II 1.4.0 APK Full 3

Download Defender II 1.4.0 APK Full 4
 Download Defender II 1.4.0 APK Full

Download Samurai Siege 770.0.0.0 APK Full

Download Samurai Siege 770.0.0.0 APK Full
Download Samurai Siege 770.0.0.0 APK Full, SAMURAI SIEGE is a highly addictive c0mbat Strategy adventure with 0ver 3 milli0n players w0rldwide.

★★★★★ - "I'm l0ving the wars between alliances! N0w my fav0urite game!"
★★★★★ - "Samurai Siege is fresh, unpredictable and extremely addicting”
★★★★★ - "W0nderful graphics, challenging campaigns, and great c0mmunity".

Lead an army 0f Samurai, Ninjas, and fantastic m0nsters 0f the East t0 gl0ry! Build y0ur village int0 a mighty str0ngh0ld! Raise p0werful armies! Fight against 0ther players!

Please n0te that Samurai Siege is free t0 play. S0me in-game items can be purchased with real m0ney. Y0u can turn 0ff the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in y0ur device's settings.

Samurai Siege is a fun multiplayer c0mbat strategy game. Defend y0ur village against h0rdes 0f enemy ninjas, samurai, and creatures! Expl0re a mystical w0rld as y0u battle thr0ugh lush f0rests, sn0wy m0untains, and deserts. Fight 0ther players fr0m ar0und the w0rld t0 capture l00t and steal rare items. 0r j0in f0rces with 0ther players t0 create the m0st p0werful Alliance! Wage war with 0ther alliances and c0mpete t0 d0minate the realm.
Samurai Siege FEATURES
* Epic real-time strategy c0mbat
* Build y0ur humble village int0 a mighty str0ngh0ld
* Recruit an army 0f Samurai, Ninjas, Battering Rams, and Eastern M0nsters
* Clash and Battle with 0ther players 0nline
* Rid the w0rld 0f evil as y0u travel acr0ss a vast w0rld map
* Fight in multiple envir0nments: fr0m lush valleys t0 r0cky m0untains
* Create Alliances 0r Clans with 0ther players
* Alliance Wars! Declare war 0n rival Alliances and c0mpete f0r valuable rewards
* Chat and share battles with y0ur team in Alliance Chat!

N0te: a netw0rk c0nnecti0n is required t0 play

Terms 0f Service:

What's New in Samurai Siege v770.0.0.0
  1. The Winter release of Samurai Siege rewrites the rulebook when it comes to alliance vs alliance warfare prepare for a new and improved LEGENDS OF WAR TOURNAMENT!
  2. Battle with your alliance over a whole week to post your best 12 hour war score to the Legends of War leaderboard and take on the world alliances who place in the top tiers will win unbelievably epic prizes!
  3. The Legends of War leaderboard is coming to Siege very soon...
DISCLAIMER: Samurai Siege is the property and trademark from the developer Space Ape Games, All rights reserved by Space Ape Games.

Samurai Siege walpaper

Download Samurai Siege 770.0.0.0 APK Full 1

Download Samurai Siege 770.0.0.0 APK Full 2

Download Samurai Siege 770.0.0.0 APK Full 3

Download Samurai Siege 770.0.0.0 APK Full 4
Download Samurai Siege 770.0.0.0 APK Full
Apk Download
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Download Battle Towers 2.9 APK Full

Download Battle Towers 2.9 APK Full, A fragile w0rld faces the eternal c0nflict between tw0 distinct nati0ns: 0rder and Cha0s. Every day is a struggle between the battle f0r survival and desire t0 c0nquer. Tw0 nati0ns 0nce lived side by side in harm0ny, but Peace is n0 l0nger an 0pti0n.

0rder is pure and n0ble in its intenti0ns, yet 0ften imm0ral in its acti0ns. Cha0s is wild and unruly, but its subjects are glad t0 live and die by the spear. Every nati0n has it's 0wn unique units, buildings and spells.

The subtle balance and timing 0f y0ur acti0ns is crucial f0r success. C0nquer the land fr0m y0ur enemy by fighting m0re than 40 distinct battles, each with detailed envir0nments, unique missi0ns and adjustable difficulty. The fate 0f the w0rld lies in y0ur hands!
Battle Towers 2.9 Features
✔ Delicate balance between 0ffence and defence;
✔ Upgradable warri0rs and buildings;
✔ Neat 3D visuals;
✔ Simple c0ntr0ls;
✔ Equally enj0yable 0n smartph0nes and tablet devices.

M0re than 150,000 ★★★★★ Reviews!
5/5 Awes0me This. Is the best game I've ever played !!
5/5 Awes0me Best t0wer defence ever
5/5 Just like warcraftI liked it awes0meeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

0fficial Page 0n Faceb00k:

Privacy policy:

What's New in Battle Towers v2.9
  1. Global pvp issues fixed
  2. ! The game may have issues running on Android 5.0. We are working on this problems.
DISCLAIMER: Battle Towers is the property and trademark from the developer GIGL, All rights reserved by GIGL.
 Battle Towers walpaper
Download Battle Towers 2.9 APK Full 1

Download Battle Towers 2.9 APK Full 2

Download Battle Towers 2.9 APK Full 3
Download Battle Towers 2.9 APK Full 4

Download Battle Towers 2.9 APK Full

Download Metal Slug Defense 1.15.1 APK Full

Download Metal Slug Defense 1.15.1 APK Full
New 19 Milli0n DL rec0rd!
Launch 0f "Fan Greetings Sale" with t0ns 0f "MEDALS"!

■Fan Greetings Sale pricing:
 $0.99⇒100MEDAL Pack
 $1.99⇒200MEDAL Pack
 $2.99⇒300MEDAL Pack
 $4.99⇒550MEDAL Pack
 $9.99⇒1,200MEDAL Pack
 $14.99⇒1,800MEDAL Pack
 $24.99⇒3,125MEDAL Pack
 $48.99⇒6,370MEDAL Pack

New features in this update:
1) Additi0n 0f new Areas
2) Additi0n 0f new Units
3) Additi0n 0f new Special Missi0ns

*[Imp0rtant] Warning regarding Andr0id 5.0
This app may n0t run c0rrectly under Andr0id 5.0
We are currently w0rking 0n the c0mpatibility with Andr0id 5.0
We ap0l0gize f0r the inc0nvenience that may cause t0 y0u and thank y0u f0r y0ur understanding.

“METAL SLUG”, the pinnacle 0f 2D acti0n-sh00ting 0n NE0GE0 returns in a t0wer-defense / Strategy game 0n i0S! C0mmand y0ur tr00ps in 0rder t0 seize the thr0ne 0f the w0rld’s best “METAL SLUG” player!

■Regular and Rebel Armies clash 0n i0S!
Send y0ur units t0 the battlefield and take 0ver enemy bases with a simple tap 0f y0ur finger!
Use the METAL SLUG Attack, al0ng with 0ther unique special attacks t0 turn the tide in battle, and the g0ddess 0f vict0ry will smile up0n y0u!!

■M0re than 60 different characters and units available!
At the beginning 0f the game, 0nly the Regular Army’s units are available, but M0rden’s s0ldiers will j0in
y0ur ranks later 0n! Limited units that can 0nly be acquired via rare events 0r specific c0nditi0ns are waiting f0r
y0u as well!

■The w0rld is y0ur battlefield! Battle in vari0us n0stalgic METAL SLUG stages!
METAL SLUG DEFENSE” features m0re than 100 backgr0und stages faithfully recreated fr0m classic METAL SLUG titles! Clear them all t0 replay stages with new units in battle and 0btain m0re rewards!

■Level up y0ur tr00ps and armament!
Cust0mize y0ur units in 0rder t0 increase y0ur chances t0 win the war! Change and save y0ur units at any time in the game via the easy and intuitive t0uch c0mmands!!

■C0mpete with 0ther players in Wi-Fi VS Battles!
Enj0y “METAL SLUG DEFENSE” al0ne 0r with 0ther users in 0nline VS Battles via the Wi-Fi feature. Win battles in 0rder t0 impr0ve y0ur sc0re, c0mpeting with players fr0m ar0und the w0rld f0r the highest ranking!


What's New in Metal Slug Defense v1.15.1
  1. ver 1.15.1
  2. New features in this update:
  3. Several bugs have been fixed.
DISCLAIMER: Metal Slug Defense is the property and trademark from SNK PLAYMORE, all rights reserved by SNK PLAYMORE. Click on the above link to proceed to the apk file download page or app buy page.

Metal Slug Defense Video Trailer

Metal Slug Defense walpaper

Download Metal Slug Defense 1.15.1 APK Full 1

Download Metal Slug Defense 1.15.1 APK Full 2

Download Metal Slug Defense 1.15.1 APK Full 3
Download Metal Slug Defense 1.15.1 APK Full



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